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Retaining Wall Waterproofing

Drainage is NOT enough

Preparing a waterproof retaining wall has many elements and often, adequate drainage is considered sufficient to prevent water build-up and damage. Enter Drylok’s Retaining Wall Waterproofing service.

With the additional process of waterproofing retaining walls, your investment can be protected from ground dampness and corroding supports. Protect your investment and keep your wall from becoming an eyesore.  Water penetrating into the wall can cause bulging or cracked materials or become unsafe and lean or crumble.

Drylok Waterproofing has the solution to prevent water penetrating the wall through proper preparation, and can be applied to most surfaces

  • Brick
  • Limestone block
  • Concrete

Using the waterproofing membrane for retaining wall products, Drylok Waterproofings’ experienced team will provide long-term, maintenance free solutions, whether your retaining wall is created for practical or aesthetic reasons.

Call Brendan on 0422 580 598 to ask about solutions to waterproof retaining walls and other waterproofing services. Or send an email enquiry below.