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Why balcony waterproofing is essential.

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Posted By DryLok Waterproofing  
09:00 AM

Why Balcony Waterproofing is Essential.

Whether you’re a homeowner, builder, renovator or property investor, it is vitally important that all external areas of your property are professionally waterproofed and maintained. 

The simple reason for this is that balcony waterproofing failures account for a significant number of water ingress issues amongst residential and commercial properties. These issues can result in:

  • Structural damage to the balcony and building
  • Expensive waterproofing and internal property rectification costs
  • Possible litigation with neighbours, homeowners and landlords
  • The formation of hazardous mould which poses serious health risks
  • Increasing insurance premiums
  • Gradual decrease in property value

The reality is, most balconies will leak in their lifetime.

Whilst construction and waterproofing materials and methods have improved considerably over the years, the reality is all waterproofing membranes deteriorate over time. Water and moisture that cannot drain effectively leads to pooling between the membrane and tiles, otherwise known as “ponding”. Long-term ponding deteriorates the condition of the waterproofing membrane which in turn causes water ingress or leaks to rooms or properties below.

What are the common causes of balcony leaks?

Water always finds a path....which means there are an infinite amount of ways water can enter. However, experience demonstrates some very common causes including:

  • Lack of planning prior to construction resulting in balconies and terraces constructed with minimal gradient falls
  • No building or preventative maintenance.
  • Long-term exposure to the elements 
  • Poorly maintained, blocked or lack of appropriate drainage.
  • Natural building movement leading to cracks which water can then leak through.

How do you inspect your balcony for leaks?

At the first sign of leaking, there are a number of basic checks you can perform to start confirming your issue:

  • Carefully inspect all balcony tiling for cracked or missing grout.
  • Check the underside of your balcony or internal ceiling for water staining 
  • Leading doors to the balcony stick or don’t lock properly
  • Peeling or discoloured paint  
  • Weak structural or rusting joints in the balcony railing and posts.

If one or more of these issues exists, the next step is to arrange for a waterproofing expert to inspect the area, correctly diagnose the situation and work with you to identify the most appropriate performance solution. 

How do you fix balcony leaks?

Since the construction and design of your balcony is unique, it is essential to select a professional waterproofing contractor who applies a strong understanding of Australia’s strict build codes and product standards to select the right materials and methodology to suit your property. 

Thankfully, DryLok Waterproofing provides the answer to protecting your investment with proper inspection, planning and installation by qualified professionals. We will select, prepare and install only the most appropriate waterproofing membrane solution (DRYLOK®) designed to withstand structural movement and seal it from the elements. We can also advise on other aspects of balcony drainage that will help maximise the life of your waterproofing investment. 

To find out more, get in touch by using our online contact form today.